Name   Ashlyn Ardeshir
Position   CEO
Status   Active PC
Birthplace   Vancouver, Canada, Earth
Age   27
Race   Terran/Vulcan
Height   1.72m
Weight   63.5kg
Eyes   Blue
Hair   Red

Service Record
  2371:Accepted to Starfleet Academy
  2375:Graduated Starfleet Academy (Honors, Quantum Physics - Engineering, with Combat Tactical Training under M.A.C.O.)
  2375:Posted service to USS Epoch, Ensign (Engineering) under CEO Franklin Uriel. CO Captain Paleth Dravei.
  2377:Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade
  2380:Promoted to Lieutenant

  2377:Starfleet Medal of Valor - [USS Epoch, Ensign - Engineering] - Awarded, service to duty and maintaining composure and purpose above and beyond the call during events of Arcturus IV.
  2379:Starfleet Medal of Commendation - [USS Epoch, Lieutenant Junior Grade - Engineering] - Awarded, service of valor and heroism above and beyond the call during battle between Borg Sphere and Third Task Fleet, USS Epoch.

  No permanent reprimands or remarks on record. Several occasions of citing disagreement with tactic or solution during duty, but not outside of protocol or regulation.

Biographical Material

Born Ashlyn T'Lana Ardeshir. Mother: Sena [Half Human / Half Vulcan, Starfleet Intelligence]. Father: Gerard [Human, Starfleet Tactical - USS Henry Carter]. Ardeshir, Ashlyn T. Displays high degree of knowledge with field theory, as well as waveform and probability equations. Graduated with honors in Quantum Physics and Engineering from Starfleet Academy. Passionate about duties and tasks, but will often express self in overly calm demeanor, even when under stress or short timelines. Active physically outside of duties, often using holodeck or planetary excursions to focus and relax - reserved, and aloof, despite being amiable to crewmates.

Ardeshir acts on relatively clear judgement, but does seem to prefer issues of thought and purpose to those of an interpersonal nature and can come across as a little headstrong once a path of action has been decided. She does enjoy spending time rock climbing, running, or swimming in various holo-programs, as well as on planets approved for leave, but overall seems very well suited to life within a Starship's environment. Often calm, does show wit and amusement in spite of her actions not betraying neutrality - seems focused on progressing career, as well as empowering and assisting those around her. Very rare occasions have seen her take rash or impulsive action, but as yet without stepping outside of regulations, and often in an attempt to resolve hazardous situations more efficiently. Has shown limited ability to perform mind melding techniques, despite only being one quarter Vulcan.

Personality Profile:
[Entry Empty]

Medical Evaluation:
Fit and in good health - cleared for active duty for all Standard and Special Starfleet Operations. No extra- sensory conditions or limitations have been determined to inhibit subject's performance ( NOTE: Ability to Mind Meld [Limited/Unpracticed] ).