Name   Andra 'Paks' Malone
Position   WCO
Status   Active PC
Birthplace   New Orleans, Earth
Age   35
Race   Terran
Height   1.73m
Weight   63.5kg
Eyes   Blue
Hair   Blonde

Service Record
  2347: Born to Ms. Jodie and Ms. Gretta Malone
  2364: Accepted to Starfleet Academy.
  2368: Graduated from the Academy and assigned with the rank of Ensign as a Fighter Pilot to the Renegade squadron of the Death Stalker wing assigned to the USS Gryphon
  2369: Promoted to Lt. JG.
  2370: Promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to the USS Artemis to become Squadron CO for the Rangers squadron of the Silver Arrows.
  2372: Promoted to Lt Commander.
  2373: Promoted to Commander and CAG for the Silver Arrows.
  2377: Resigned from Starfleet.
  2381: Requests to rejoin Starfleet, is accepted and re-certifies as a pilot. Assists with training fighter pilots at the Academy.
  2382: Transferred to the USS Artemis to become CAG of the Silver Arrows wing.

Biographical Material

Andrea "Paks" Malone is known to everyone around her as Paks. Few aside from her mothers have earned the right to call her by her given's a high honor for her to allow someone to call her Andrea.

Paks started her Star Fleet career as a Fighter Pilot, joining Renegade squadron of the Death Stalkers, a wing posted to the USS Gryphon. The Renegade squadron had a reputation for flying by the seat of their pants, but getting the job done. The SCOís and WCO never did turn down a challenge, and their pilots put their lives on the line for them every time.

Paks could have probably spent her career on the Gryphon, though there seemed little chance for advancement.. A posting came up on a new ship called the Artemis, and they were seeking good pilots. Paks put in for a transfer, and was accepted not only to transfer, but was made SCO for the Rangers. The CAG, Dixie, saw promise in Paks that she didnít quite see in herself, but once in the leadership position, she blossomed.

The Artemis became home. She found friends in her flight-mates, and even romance with her wing-mate, Bo'van "Snake" Maya. The romance was one of those situations Paks kept trying to tell herself was a bad idea, but her emotions overruled her logic.

One mission saw the Artemis trying to break up a pirate ring located on an unstable moon called Graaz. Snake was grounded, so Paks flew on Dixie's wing (the CAG). The mission saw Paks crash land on the moon's surface, and taken into custody by some of the very pirates the Artemis was trying to capture. The pirates were none too kind to Paks, and she sustained a head injury. Fortunately for Paks, Dixie wasn't one to leave his wingmate behind. He managed to rescue her, and get her back to the Artemis where she had her injuries healed.

Time heals all wounds, and before long, Paks was back in the cockpit in time for the Jallasco mission which saw the Rangers and Furies escorting Marine transports to Jallasco. Just before they arrived at their destination, the convoy was ambushed. The fight was fast and furious, and one of the bandits got the drop on her. Spitfire was one of the best pilots in the Silver Arrows, but she couldn't shake the bandit when he got lock and fired. Snake made the ultimate sacrifice as she slipped her bird behind Ranger One, causing the torp to lock onto her. The explosion destroyed Ranger Two, and killed Snake in the process.

Spitfire didn't have time to think or grieve as the fighting was still thick as ever. She put on a brave front for the rest of the mission, stamping down what emotions wanted to erupt to the surface.

It was at Jallasco that Spitfire met Amelia "Nightshade" Elder, a Marine pilot who flew Lancer Two. She ended up flying Paks's wing for the rest of the mission, and the pair flew as if they'd been flying together for years. There was a natural grace between the two that seemed uncanny. Nightshade became Spitfire's permanent wingmate after Jallasco, when the Lancers were disbanded, and Dixie invited her to fly with the Silver Arrows.

Once back on the Artemis, Paks didn't deal well with her grief for Snake. Diablo, a friend prior to Jallasco, became a close friend and confidante to Paks in the weeks and months following the conflict. Diablo, Nightshade and Dixie all kicked Paks in the rear, making her deal with the emotional fallout from her loss. It wasn't an easy time for Paks, but she saw it through.

As time progressed, and Paks continued to heal, her friendship with Diablo deepened. Neither pilot was particularly good at recognizing that their feelings for one another had changed and deepened. It took facing death after a bar fight for Paks to understand the depth of her feelings for Diablo. Finally, the pair confessed their feelings, and then began seeing one another. Neither woman wanted to rush into anything, so they took it slow, though there was no denying the chemistry between the pair.

Things on the Artemis were never dull, and took a bizarre turn when their former CO, Taliano seemed to go rogue. Given Talianoís former relationship with Diablo, it proved an interesting time for the pair. More stress was put on the pair when Dixie was promoted to CO of the Artemis with Brynna being demoted after an altercation with a VIP. As a result, Paks was promoted to Lt. Commander and made CAG of the Silver Arrows. The stressed proved too much, as Diablo left the Artemis

Life on the Artemis just wasnít the same, though she didnít have too much time to reflect on it as the Federation found itself in the midst of a war with the Dominion. Paks lead the Silver Arrows as well as she could, throwing herself into the work to keep from dwelling on what could have been. All wars come to an end, and with the end of the Dominion War, the Artemis was back at Earth. While on shore leave, Paks and Diablo crossed paths once more. Spitfire had been toying with the idea of retiring, and when she and her former lover seemed to pick up where they left off, she made the rash decision to retire. She spent her time in Ďretirementí as a test pilot alongside Diablo. At least, she did until Diablo left without any word of warning.

Between the Dominion War and the Borg Offensive, Paks knew Starfleet would be in need of experienced fighter pilots, so she requested to be reinstated late in 2381, missing most of the conflict of the Borg Offensive.. She was granted her wish, and after recertifying to prove she deserved her wings, she helped train new pilots at the Academy before orders came for her to return as CAG to the Artemis.

Personality Profile:
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Medical Evaluation:
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