Name   Corran Quezith
Position   CMO
Status   Active PC
Birthplace   Achicar Prime
Age   42
Race   Achicarian
Height   1.86m
Weight   84kg
Eyes   Aqua
Hair   Brown

  2345 - 2355: Achicar Prime Institute of Sciences
  2355 - 2366: Extended Learning - APIS
  2377 - 2379: Federation Medical Academy
  2379 - 2380: Starfleet Medical Academy

Service Record
  2366 - 2371: Exobotanist, Starship Menari
  2371 - 2375: Exobiologist, Starship Zemetoff
  2375 - 2377: Physician, Starbase Kalingto
  2380 - 2382: Medical Officer, USS Aventine
  2382: Chief Medical Officer, USS Artemis

Biographical Material

Corran Quezith was born to Gevichar Felzith and Shenahri Quemin, two deeply loving and hyper-active scientists that believed in raising him to have a ferocious curiosity steeped in a desire to explore the universe. Along the way, they nurtured him into becoming a warm and loving person rather than the typically hyper-disciplined and profoundly antisocial training-obsessed upper-class telekinetic that was expected of someone with his family's history and upbringing.

His education was nonetheless quite extensive amongst the biological sciences, his ability unique amongst his peers. He demonstrated a deep fascination for botany and exobiology that led to his government taking a proactive interest in his development. By 15 he was handling his own research, which led to his placement on deep space exploration assignments where he became even more outgoing. While initially his peers frowned upon this given the seemingly forcefully introverted nature of scientists amongst his people, his unique upbringing made him the ideal candidate for inter-species diplomacy.

His success in interstellar affairs - particularly as a scientist - brought him home to serve and train as a physician specialized in alien physiology at Starbase Kalingto, a primary port of call orbiting Achicar Prime. Here he pursued formal training guided towards enhancing his telepathic skills that included honing previously unexploited telekinetic abilities specifically for medical purposes.

Nearing the end of his time on Kalingto, Achicarian relations with some of its neighboring star systems had deteriorated to a point where war was unavoidable. These worlds held a deeply rooted hatred and fear of Corran's people, courtesy of the unusual abilities they possessed. It resulted in a massive conjoined fleet decimating the Achicarian System.

The Achicarians had never built warships, making their defenses woefully inadequate against the assailants. Billions were lost, hundreds of ships and bases were destroyed. Corran treated thousands of wounded seeking refuge on the heavily damaged Kalingto, one of a handful of surviving stations that made it through the battle by sheer mass and the eventual intervention of some of Achicar's best trained telepaths and telekinetics. The abilities so feared by their neighbors were brought to bear upon their fleet in a way Achicarians had never dreamed of using them.

Unfortunately, the collective pain and trauma of his people was magnified empathically and telepathically through what they call "The Community". Their most powerful minds struggled to maintain stability through recovery efforts, but it was not enough. They found themselves forced to ask for help through undercover agents they'd dispatched throughout the galaxy, agents that had been seeking out potential allies to help them after foreseeing the possibility of war years before. Any ships they had in deep space were recalled, and a search for their long range generational cruisers began.

The United Federation of Planets responded to the Achicarian's cry for help by dispatching a small fleet that crossed the six month void at maximum warp under the command of Admiral McArnh.

In a severe state of depression, utter exhaustion and long-lasting shock, Corran was asked to join the team representing his people before the Federation. A process of unification with the Federation began, a second battle was averted with the help of Starfleet, and a Starfleet outpost was established in the Achicarian System. His people now had the support they needed to enable them to better recover from the horrors they had just lived through...

As part of the process of bringing Achicar into the Federation, Corran was selected from a handful of his people for involvement in an exchange program.

They offered him a fellowship at the Federation Medical Academy. His time there served as a balm for his soul, and reignited his passions. Together with Federation scientists he explored the vast areas of expertise possessed by Federation science, and shared as much as he could about his own people.

This path eventually led him to the Starfleet Medical Academy, where he began the process of integrating into the Federation's military structure. The year that followed saw him granted the provisional rank of Lieutenant as it was both his hope and that of his supervisors that this would eventually provide him with the opportunity to explore far beyond what he'd ever known or been exposed to, while creating a formal bridge with his people as they integrated further into the Federation and its Starfleet.

After a year, he was offered his first position aboard the starship Aventine, a transfer that was put on hold so he could participate in Achicar's acceptance into the Federation. The visit was far from uneventful, involving stopping yet another attempt to destroy the Achicarians with the help of the Federation Ambassador and the primary Starfleet vessel assigned to oversee the ceremony. A cold reminder of the unfortunate new circumstances that permeated the lives of all Achicarians.

Corran returned as quickly as possible to serve on Aventine with a renewed determination not only for exploration, but also for becoming a driving force for his own people to take a more proactive participation in Federation affairs. He saw this as the only means by which his people could learn of new ways to not only to form part of a larger galactic community, but also to defend themselves without having to reignite the darker side his people had shown during the first attack on his homeworld. A side that haunted them all constantly now.

Aventine proved to be quite the experience in those regards. What little experience Corran had previously had with violent species and races around the Achicar's small nook of the Beta Quadrant was easily overshadowed by Aventine's missions.

They were often involved in major efforts to hold together delicate diplomatic relations with non-Federation worlds and interstellar governments, heading off potential conflicts from within and beyond the Federation, but nothing could have prepared anyone for the massive undertaking of halting the Borg Invasion of 2381. Though the invasion was a desperate and grim time, what followed was also quite trying as they struggled to quash the military efforts of the Typhon Pact in its unending attempts to generate conflict.

Corran's understanding of the people of the Federation and its many customs, its allies, and even its enemies, grew to encompass dozens of worlds thanks to these trials-by- fire. There were even some glimmers of science and exploration involved as well, which his crewmates went to great lengths to emphasize for him as the true mission of Starfleet, and what they longed to bring the Federation back to eventually.

In the process, he has also proven himself to be an exceptional medical officer amongst his peers. Starfleet has granted him a formal promotion to Lieutenant Commander in recognition of his integration with the military, along with orders to proceed with his own command over a starship's medical division. He has embraced this new challenge gladly, even though he occasionally feels a degree of trepidation for the dark turns he's seen the Federation taking of late.

Personality Profile:
Generally, Corran is a peace-loving person with a calm, jovial, and soothing air that accompany a curious fearlessness garnished with a passionate, devilishly charming and intelligent personality. He is also an eternal skeptic that marvels at the universe and all that exists within it. Its wonders and mysteries intrigue him, forming the very foundation of his being.

These traits have often resulted in his being called a hopeless romantic, a dreamer, a consummate explorer. That said, he is also considered an exceptional listener, one very much grounded by his experience. Some of those experiences he does his best to bury deep down as best he can. The brief but devastating war with his people's neighboring star systems left a deeply unsettling wound in the depths of Corran's soul. He sees a counselor when he feels the need to, but will sometimes enter seclusion to deal with his inner darkness.

Medical Evaluation:
Corran is in prime physical, emotional and mental condition. There have been no recorded affectations to his health that are presently transitory, chronic, or permanent, and it is Starfleet Medical's opinion that he is fit for duty. Given the relatively recent admission of the Achicarians to the Federation.

Starfleet Medical has included the following notes: Superficially, Achicarians are almost indistinguishable from most humanoid species, particularly humans, while being otherwise notorious for their resistance, stamina, adaptability, and longevity. Some of the traits that distinguish them from other races include eyes, hair, and membranes on the palms of their hands that can shift in color depending on emotional, mental, and physical states. The membranes on the palms of their hands serve as part of the complex telepathic/telekinetic structures of Achicarian neural physiology. These membranes enhance their abilities through physical touch.

Their telepathy has the characteristic of effecting physical modifications to their nervous systems, enabling their natural form of communication. These modifications occur through each encounter with receptive lifeforms and has enabled Achicarians to communicate with a broad variety of species and races, making oral communication second nature to them.