Name   Cameron Shepard
Position   CStratOps
Status   Active PC
Birthplace   Armstrong Colony, Eliisuk
Age   34
Race   Terran/Xenexian
Height   1.88m
Weight   87kg
Eyes   Purple
Hair   Brown

Service Record
  2366 - 2367: Michael Collins University, Armstrong Colony, Eliisuk System
  2367 - 2371: The Ohio State Univerity, Ohio, Earth
  2371 - 2373: Starfleet Basic & Advanced Training
  2374 - 2376: USS Mason, Petty Officer 2nd Class, Computer Systems Specialist
  2377 - 2381: USS Cushing, Petty Officer 1st Class, Computer Systems Specialist
  2381: Starfleet Officer Candidate School
  2382: USS Ananke, Chief of Strategic Operations

Biographical Material

Cameron Shepard was born on Eliisuk in the Archanis star system near the Federation/Romulan border on April 4th, 2348. The colony, known as Armstrong, was a small agricultural and research settlement consisting of approximately 40,000 colonists. His parents were Arex, a Xenexian male who’d escaped the Danteri occupation of his homeworld, and Gabriella Shepard, a human biologist and xenologist respectively who’d met her eventual-husband at a refugee center. Cameron had a younger sister, Coleen, but no brothers.

In 2367, a Borg cube enroute to Earth detected and attacked Eliisuk, whose meager defenses posed little resistance. Those lucky enough not to have been assimilated or killed by the Borg fled towards the mountains, where deep metal deposits shrouded their signatures from Borg scanners. Cameron was the only known survivor of his family.

After what would eventually be considered the Borg's first attempt against the Federation, Cameron struggled with depression and survivor’s guilt in the months afterward. With his homeworld uninhabitable, he moved to Earth in order to complete his education. Afterwards, Cameron enlisted in Starfleet. At the conclusion of his training, he was assigned to the USS Mason, an Ambassador-class cruiser, where he would serve for five years before being transferred to the USS Cushing.

Then, in 2381, the Borg returned...

During one of Starfleet's initial engagements against the Borg in the war, the USS Cushing was severely damaged and its crew forced to abandon ship. While the Borg's overall strategy had been one of genocide, the Cube had received moderate damage and required new drones; the Cushing's survivors, Cameron included, were seized by the Borg and forcibly assimilated into the collective. Now a drone, Cameron was transferred to a Borg probe with instructions to seek out and destroy any ship attempting to evacuate from the Azure nebula.

Several weeks later, the Caelier were convinced to intervene, and Cameron was freed from the collective. His Borg nanites were changed into Caelier catoms, but he was unable to rejoin the liberated collective. His vessel had been disabled days earlier by a Starfleet vessel before crash landing on Jouret IV. Cameron was discovered by a Federation Search and Rescue team, where he was assumed to be a survivor of the Borg attack and brought back to Pacifica for further treatment.

Upon being cleared for a return to active duty, Cameron finally applied for the Officer Candidate School program, and eight months later received a commission to the rank of Lieutenant, where he was then assigned to the USS Ananke as its Strategic Operations Officer.

Personality Profile:
Cameron's achievements as a member of Starfleet have often been mired by his tendency to be a goof- off and a rather hopeless romantic. He likes to be liked, tries to make friends frequently, and is eccentric and talkative to the point where he can ramble or come off as awkward. Not quite the ladies' man, he nonetheless strives to acquaint himself with any pretty girl who happens to glance his way. Sometimes he is successful, but most times, not. Cameron is rather accident-prone.

Prior to the war against the Borg, Cameron was generally seen as intelligent and capable of great endeavors, but also the kind of person who rarely applied himself any more than he had to. While his perceived laziness didn't hurt his career in Starfleet, it didn't help it either. After his second experience with the Borg, however, Cameron changed to become a much more motivated individual.

Cameron keeps the fact that he was a former Borg drone fairly close to the chest, afraid how people might respond to him if they were to find out.

Medical Evaluation:
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