Name   Marcus Raynor
Position   MACO CO
Status   Active PC
Birthplace   Union Colony
Age   40
Race   Terran/Betazoid
Height   1.8m
Weight   96kg
Eyes   Blue
Hair   Brown

Service Record
  2361 - 2363: Enlists in Starfleet; completes Basic Training, assigned as torpedoman's mate aboard USS Halifax.
  2363 - 2365: Advances to rate of Petty Officer, 2nd Class. Tranferred to USS Thomas Paine security detachment.
  2365 - 2367: Advances to rate of Petty Officer, 1st Class. Transferred to USS Lexington.
  2367: At rate of Chief Petty Officer, applies for and is accepted to Officer Candidate School. Graduates at rank of Ensign, and accepted into Advanced Flight School on Betazed.
  2368 - 2372: Assigned to starfighter group aboard USS Artemis. Advances to rank of Lieutenant.
  2372: Selected for Starfleet's M.A.C.O. program. Rank reassigned as (M)Captain. After completion of advanced tactical training, placed in command of 3rd Company / 1st Division
  2372 - 2375: In command of Red Company. Company sees some of the hardest fighting of the Klingon conflict and Dominion War, including ground actions at Ganalda IV, Betazed and Chin'toka. Advances to Major.
  2375 - 2379: After cessation of hostilities, Red Company assigned to Camp ch'Boath on Cardassia Prime, assisting with peacekeeping and reconstruction efforts.
  2379 - 2382: Assigned to USS Diligent, 3rd M.A.C.O. threat deterrence fleet. Diligent participates in the defense of Andor from the Borg invasion.

  [Records Sealed - No Data Available]

Biographical Material

Born Marcus Ulysses Raynor. Mother: Malket Antari, Anthropologist [Betazoid, deceased]. Father: Malcolm Raynor [Union-Terran, fiction author]. Raynor, Marcus U. recognized as a determined and capable individual, schooled in the ways of combat and tactics and instilled with a driven personality. Has sought self improvement on numerous occasions, excelling from an enlistedman to Officer Candidate School. Has an exceptional mental acumen and continually pushes himself to excel. Numerous combat actions proved suitability for M.A.C.O. program. Displays steadiness under pressure.

Raynor has shown an unusually calm and aloof manor on liberty following unofficial reprimand aboard Halifax. Proven on countless occasions that he is capable of seeing that a task is completed, no matter the cost. See M.A.C.O. declassified briefings on Ganalda IV, Betazed, Chin'toka.

Strict disciplinarian attitude noted during assignment as Company Commander at Camp ch'Baoth. Regarded as highly demanding of Company's excellence in performance of peacekeeping duties and humanitarian efforts. Exemplary performance from his command in rooting out True Way terrorists undermining Federation efforts.

Command preference for field duty; turned down posting to Bajor Sector M.A.C.O. command. Known for spurning any luxuries afforded rank and position in favor of maintaining accomodations with those under his command. Has instilled great loyalty in a number of company members, former and current. However, has become known to engage Flag-level command decisions until satisfied with results. [Note: Recommendation and Review avaialable for Grade Six Command Personnel and above]

Anthropological Note:
Birthplace is planet of Union; noted as furthest-discovered Terran colony outside of known Federation space. Initial colony formed in 2130's from sleeper ships launched from Earth following World War III. [Note: No augment mutations or genetic manipulations found in Union genomes; see Federation Anthropology File FGC-31487-Gamma]. Colony flourished by cooperative actions of Terran colonists and alien presence known as the Kolvaru; Kolvaru arrived at same star system roughly a year prior to Terran ship landing. Both groups formed a common bond in the shared escape of a wartorn world. Kolvarun technology roughly two centuries ahead of Terrans, which allowed for quick establishment of common communication. Colony grew quickly into a unified government, establishing a formal declaration of Union in 2217. Federation contact made in 2317 by USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B during Union's centennial celebration, which coincided with the initial launch of Union's first warp-capable vessel.

Terran and Kolvarun physiology has allowed for interspecies breeding, although due to Kolvarun physical attributes, can be quite difficult on Terran-descended mothers. See Federation medical files for more information.

Personality Profile:
[Entry Empty]

Medical Evaluation:
Exceptionally fit and cleared for active duty for all Standard and Special Starfleet Operations. No extra-sensory conditions or limitations have been determined to inhibit subject's performance. [Note: Betazoid heritage has shown no sign of empathic or telepathic ability to date.]