Name   Terrik Roan
Position   XO
Status   NPC-A
Birthplace   Bajor
Age   35
Race   Bajoran
Height   1.7m
Weight   61kg
Eyes   Green
Hair   Black

Service Record
  2347: Born to Kora and Jolan in Kendra Province.
  2357: Kora and Jolan die in Cardassian internment. Roan is raised by Kora's parents.
  2362: Joins the Resistance.
  2369: Following the withdrawal of Cardassia from Bajor, Roan leaves Bajor to join Starfleet.
  2373: Assigned to USS Centaur, Beta shift Navigator.
  2374: Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade. Assumes Chief Navigator role aboard USS Centaur
  2376: Promoted to Lieutenant, transferred to USS Katana as Chief Navigator.
  2379: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
  2382: Promoted to Commander.
  2382: Assigned Executive Officer of the USS Artemis.

  2374: Starfleet Medal of Commendation for repelling Cardassian boarding part at Battle of Eridor II
  2381: Starfleet Medal of Commendation for Battle of Vulcan, Borg Invasion

  2374: Reprimand for Assaulting a Cardassian prisoner aboard USS Centaur.

Biographical Material

Born Terrik Roan. Mother: Vanta Kora [Bajoran, deceased]. Father: Terrik Jolan [Bajoran, deceased]. Terrik Roan has a reputation of being focused and driven to excel. The daughter of two members of the Bajoran Resistance (both killed in the Kendra Valley Massacre when Roan was around the age of ten), she took up arms as soon as the local resistance cell would allow her to join their ranks. Her Grandparents wished her to follow another path, hoping she'd ultimately become a Vedek given how seriously she took to her lessons of the Prophets. Being a part of the Resistance was part of the Prophet's plan for her, as far as Roan was concerned.

In her late teens, Terrik joined a resistance cell led by a woman known as Baylin Tau. Their group had access to aircraft they used to their advantage and Tau, a pilot, taught Terrik everything she knew. Roan was the pilot for every mission they flew. Beyond her skills as a pilot, the Bajoran does not generally speak about her time in the Resistance.

By the time the Occupation came to an end in 2369, Roan had the option to stay behind and help rebuild as part of the Bajoran Militia. Uncertain about her future, she went to speak with her Vedek, and had her first experience with an Orb. After that meeting, she left Bajor to join Starfleet, where she became an accomplished helm officer. Her skills were put to the test during the Dominion war, where she served aboard the destroyer class USS Centaur. Her skills at the helm prevented the ship from being destroyed, but not being boarded by a Cardassian party. The crew of the Centaur were not ones to take such action lightly, and they managed to subdue the boarding party. After the Cardassians were captured, one of them provoked Roan. Her anger got the better of her, and she sent him to sickbay with severe injuries. She was reprimanded for her actions.

Two years later, Terrik was promoted to full Lieutenant and transferred to the USS Katana as Chief Helm officer. She was still Chief Helm during the Borg Offensive. The Katana and several other Federation ships were involved in an all out battle with the Borg. Terrik's quick thinking at the Helm likely saved the ship from being boarded, and at worst, the crew being assimilated. For her actions, she was awarded another Starfleet Medal of Commendation.

Not a full year later, Roan was promoted to full Commander before going on leave back on Bajor, and was informed she'd be issued new orders before the end of her shore leave.

Personality Profile:
[Entry Empty]

Medical Evaluation:
Exceptionally fit and cleared for active duty for all Standard and Special Starfleet Operations.