Name   S. G. Pilgrim
Position   MACO
Status   Active PC
Birthplace   Proxima Colony
Age   33
Race   Terran
Height   1.9m
Weight   99.8kg
Eyes   Green
Hair   Brown

Service Record
  2367 - 2370: Enlists in Starfleet. Completes basic training. Crewman Pilgrim assigned to USS Okinawa as Security Specialist.
  2370 - 2372: Increases rate to Petty Officer 1st Class. Reassigned to Starbase 118.
  2372 - 2375: Selected for Starfleet's M.A.C.O. program. After completion of advanced tactical training, assigned to 2nd Company / 3rd Division. Based abaord USS Rubicon. Advances to rank of Sergeant.
  2375 - 2379: Transferred to USS Halliwell as Staff Sergeant.
  2381: Loses lower legs during failed operation during Borg Offensive. Reduced in rank to Corporal due to actions during failed operation.
  2382: Reattains rank of Sergeant for actions in the field. Reassigned by command to 3rd 'Red' Company / 1st Division, operating aboard USS Artemis.

  2381: Court Martial. Reduced in rank to Corporal for actions during failed operation aboard USS Adamant.

Biographical Material

After a childhood spent aboard the USS Bonestell, on which his mother served as ship's botanist and his father worked as a medic, 18-year-old Pilgrim hoped to find his own direction in life by traveling the galaxy and immersing himself in his music and poetry. But the events at Wolf 359 swept all other considerations aside when the Bonestell earned its tragic place in Starfleet history by becoming one of the thirty-nine casualties of that Borg offensive.

Just before a drone boarding party invaded the ship, Pilgrim, along with the crew's children and all non- essential personnel, was evacuated on an escape pod. Officially, Starfleet lists the Pilgrims as either assimilated or deceased, but the truth is that his parents' ultimate fate remains unknown. Following the attack, Pilgrim joined Starfleet. Though he desired to fight the Borg threat, secretly, he maintained the hope that one day, he would locate and recover his parents, whom he believed to still be alive somewhere among the drones.

Pilgrim began his career as a security officer aboard the USS Okinawa until the creation of the MACO, to which he applied immediately. Though not by nature violent - in fact, he prefers the arts and, like his mother, nature - he proved himself a competent soldier and leader. In battle, his desire to protect his MACOs transforms him into a more focused and brutal combatant than would be expected for the normally calm and gentle Pilgrim.

By 2381 Pilgrim had advanced to the rank of Gunnery Sergeant. With no victory in sight for Starfleet, an operation was planned in which a hand-picked team of special warfare operators would infiltrate a Borg cube and upload a potentially destructive virus into their network. The intended aim was to disable and terminate all Borg drones uplinked to the system. As Pilgrim was known as an effective leader who commands loyalty, he was chosen to lead the team.

While conducting the operation, however, Gunny Pilgrim disobeyed orders by instead attempting to disable and evacuate drones. Ultimately, he hoped to recover the drones, restoring them to their previous, organic states. His plan, however, quite literally blew up, with most of his team killed and Pilgrim himself losing his lower legs, though these were replaced by bionics.

In the resulting court-martial, it was revealed that Pilgrim's actions were motivated by his obsession with perhaps, one day, finding and recovering his own parents. Though he faced a dishonorable discharge for his irregular actions, his career was spared not simply because the fleet had already sustained far too many losses, but because his record until that point was exemplary. And when his surviving team members reveal that they had voluntarily agreed to his plan, the court chooses instead to demote Pilgrim to the rank of corporal.

By 2382, Pilgrim had already advanced to the rank of sergeant. At that point, Sgt. Pilgrim received vague orders to report to Starbase 65.

Personality Profile:
[Entry Empty]

Medical Evaluation:
Fit for duty. Bionic limbs replace lower legs, but Pilgrim has normal or better mobility.