Name   Vec Wilson
Position   AMO
Status   Active PC
Birthplace   Tallus
Age   33
Race   Terran
Height   1.78m
Weight   90.7kg
Eyes   Dark Brown
Hair   Black

Service Record
  2367-2371 Midshipman tour as Security, Starfleet Academy
  2371-2373 Starfleet Medical Academy (ENS)
  2373-2375 Mercy Station (Hospital space station) Trauma Surgeon
  2375 Field Medical Training School (expeditionary training)
  2376 Joint MACO/Fleet Task Force 150 (JMFTF 150) deploying from USS War Pig (Akira-Class) (LTJG)
  2380 Promoted to full Lt. after CO was KIA.
  2382 Assigned to the position of Assistant Medical officer on USS Ananke. (Last minute reassignment to USS Artemis.)

Biographical Material

Lt. Wilson was born on the agricultural colony Tallus on the very edges of Federation space. More than used to working under rough conditions, he first learned medicine apprenticing under a Dr. Colson, a man who pulled double duty as country physician and veterinarian for the entire colony. Even as a youth learning to vaccinate cattle, he was set on the path to become a full medical doctor.

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, however, and Orion slavers couldnít care less about a young humanís dreams. The raid was quick, but devastating. Many colonists were killed. Otherís, Vec among them, were taken of world to be sold. The hardy Tallus settlers did their best to rebuild.

Whether by fate or luck, the captives were found by a Starfleet vessel under the command of a Capt. Orson. Impressed by the professionalism and dedication of the Starfleet officers, Vec decided to set his course by a new star. In Starfleet, he could do much more good than he could have ever dreamed as a lowly doctor on a colony world.

Even after he graduated from the academy and completed his medical training, something always called him back to the edges of civilized space. Bored to tears by sterile hospital ships and Starfleet facilities, Lt. Wilson has found himself much more at home treating outbreaks in refugee camps or performing life saving operations under mortar fire.

Personality Profile:
From our observations, Lt. Wilson is a thrill seeker through and through. Some reports even label him an adrenaline addict. While he seems convinced of his own immortality, he is far from reckless. When he first entered my office, he seemed a little stiff, withdrawn even. Eventually, I was able to coax him to open up to me. The Vec Wilson I met then was glib, somewhat coarse, his record speaks for itself. He is a top of the line doctor dedicated to saving lives. I am still unsure whether or not he was joking when he claimed to have performed surgeries with ďa ka-bar and a bottle of whiskey.Ē I am left to assume that his experiences operating on the edges of Federation space and beyond have taught him to use whatever is at his disposal, no matter how improvised. That is to say, I hope he has never had to use such crude methods.

Medical Evaluation:
Lt. Wilson's fitness scores are well within even MACO standards. His refusal to remedy a prominent facial scar is worrying.