The Reactivation of the MACOs

Military Assault Command Operations. Since the 2160's, Starfleet has maintained a mandate of scientific and peaceful exploration of the galaxy. Even in times of conflict with the Klingons, Tzenkethi and Cardassians, Starfleet's forces were able to maintain the combat operations necessary to defend the Federation. Officers and enlisted of Starfleet were well versed in maintianing the balance of defense and scientific discovery.

By the year 2372, however, Starfleet and the Federation Council were coming to terms with a galactic environment that was increasingly more hostile. While determined to maintain Starfleet's role as an exploration and defense force, the tactical training necessary to counter the threat of the Jem'hadar required the reactivation of the Military Assault Command Operations division.

Through analysis of personnel abilities from every department within Starfleet, those officers and servicepersons who already showed the capabilities and talents for advanced tactical training were selected and reassigned to the reestablished division. Training was launched at bases throughout the Federation core worlds, overseen by the most experienced member-world planetary defense commands.

Their timing would prove crucial, with the withdrawal of the Klingons from the Khitomer Accords and the battles breaking out between the Federation and their former ally. Through real-world application, the MACOs would establish themselves as the frontlines soldiers they were ready to be, providing heavily armed ground operations to supplement Starfleet's interstellar naval presence, and allow the fleet to remain a rapidly responding defense force that did not tie itself down to holding planetary objectives.

Tested and proven in the Dominion War, the MACOs are here to stay; with the threat of the Typhon Pact, and the weakened state of the Federation following the Borg invasion, Starfleet's humanitarian and peacekeeping abilities must incorporate a military presence to counter further unnecessary loss of life.

Unit Organization

The Artemis is home to one platoon of MACOs. In addition to the Officer in Charge and their platoon sergeant, there are three squads of thirteen MACOs each. Their duties intersect with those of ship-board security and the 77th Fighter Wing.

Standing Orders

All MACO personnel are at all times responsible for carrying out standing orders. Standing Orders are permanent, unless cancelled by the Commanding Officer.

Aims & Directives:
*To preserve the integrity of the ship against intrusion and insurrection.
*To provide protection for landing parties entering unexplored or hazardous territory.
*To act in concert with Damage Control and Medical personnel in seeking out and rescuing personnel trapped in hazardous areas or missing in action.
*To ensure the safety of visiting dignitaries.
*To provide armed escort for Flag and senior officers venturing into hazardous territory.
*To serve as an honor guard as designated.
*To ensure the integrity of restricted areas of the ship against entry by unauthorized personnel.
*To provide a first-line strike force for boarding hostile vessels.
*To oversee transfer and/or confinement of persons under legal arrest or in custody.
*To act as bailiffs for onboard legal proceedings.
*To oversee the safe and orderly proceedings of any partial evacuation of the ship, or to aid in the full abandonment of the ship.
*To serve as a rescue force for any crewmember or citizen of the United Federation of Planes who is incarcerated or held hostage illegally by any hostile power and/or government.
*To effectively intervene in intra-crew disputes, or in disputes between crewmembers and civilians.
*To serve as a military police force on Starfleet Installations.
*To expedite the transfer of Starfleet personnel charged on civil grounds to the proper civil authority (where applicable and in accordance with Federation statues and extradition treaties).
*To ensure the observance of applicable Starfleet Directives by civilian personnel on Starfleet vessels or facilities.
*To ensure peaceful contact by all parties in Starfleet and Federation supervised negotiations.
*To maintain alertness at post or duties until such time as relieved by qualified personnel.

Duties and Responsibilities:
*To obey all directions and orders given by the ship's commanding officer, the platoon commander, and other line officers of better than lieutenant rank, in that descending order.
*To work smoothly and efficiently with assigned teammates.
*To avoid the consumption of any substance of a mood-altering nature during a period of 8 hours before scheduled to go on-duty.
*Weapons shall be worn at all times while on duty.
*Weapons shall be set on Medium Stun unless otherwise ordered by an officer in the line of command, or unless the ship is on Condition 4, or unless special circumstances pertain making Medium Stun ineffectual or undesirable.
*In hazardous territory or under perilous circumstances, weapons shall be drawn at all times
*Under normal circumstances, weapons shall not be drawn unless danger to life or limb is apparent an imminent.
*If a weapon is damaged or lost, the fact must be passed to the Assistant Officer of the Watch at once.

Concerning Sentry & Patrol Duties:
*To take charge of the assigned post and all areas in view.
*To guard the post in a military manner, keeping always on the alert and observant of everything.
*To report all violations of Special or Standing Orders.
*To maintain communication with the Officer of the Watch.
*To receive, obey, and pass on to other relieving personnel any Special Orders received by the Officer of the Watch.
*To talk to no one except in the line of duty.
*To sound the alert in case of danger or disorder.
*To call the Officer of the Watch in any case not covered by instructions.