The 77th Fighter Wing 'The Silver Arrows'

It's a harsh set of rules to live by.

Be ready to engage at any moment - even in the dead of night, when your bunk is the greatest slice of heaven in the galaxy.

Be ready to give up your life at the drop of a hat, even if it's only to buy your buddies a few seconds.

Be out there on the edge for months - maybe even years - at a time, eating replicator food and stale rations, looking for any trouble wanting to come your way.

Be at your best every time, all the time, even if you do nothing with it.

Being a Silver Arrow is more than just being a pilot; It's being a pilot on the fringe. Trusting in your bird, trusting your wingmate, and trusting in the fact that if you fail, there might not be anyone to mourn your failure. It's guarding the border against whatever out there might want to threaten the Federation and all your friends back home. You think you're up for it?

Squadron One: Gryphon Squadron
Squadron Two: Siren Squadron
Squadron Three: Fury Squadron

The Ranger Class Starfighter

Ship Type: Space Superiority Fighter
Length: 19.0m
Height: 5.0m
Width: 18.0m
Mass: 41,800kg
Crew: 1 Pilot
Passengers: 0
Transporter System: 1x One-person Short-Range system

Total Power Generated: 15.6 Petawatts
Warp Engines: Two FXMW-3 M/ARA Reaction and Injection System
Maximum Sustained Warp Stress Rating: 435 Cochranes
Maximum Peak Warp Stress Rating: 1165 Cochranes
Maximum Cruise Speed: Warp 5.6
Maximum Emergency Speed: Warp 6.8
Impulse Engine: FIA-4 Impulse Drive System
Maximum Sublight Speed:0.86c

Four Type-IV Pulse Phaser Cannons
Maximum pD:
5.1 @ 0km
3.2 @ 80,000km
Maximum Effective Range:
Maximum Emitter Energy Output:
1.8 Petajoules per second
Shields Max Instantaneous Emitter Surge Load:
6.8 Petawatts
Shields Max Sustained Load:
19.6 Petawatts
Ablative Armor:
11.1cm Type II Ablative Hull Armor (11.5cm OCP)

Missile Capabilities:
8x external hardpoints to mount any combination of the following:
- Mark II Graviton Missile
- Mark III Raptor Ion Missile
- Mark III Plasma Gel Missile
- Mark III HellHound Missile
- Mark IV Photon Missile

OR 4x external hardpoints to mount any combination of the following:
- Mark I Sub-Munition Pack Missile
- Mark III Quantum Missile
- Mark II Hellbore Missile

OR 2x external hardpoints to mount the following:
- Mark IV Peacemaker Bomb

Additional Armaments:
- Type-I Tetryon Pulse Cannon (nose-mounted)
- Twin 25 round Forward-Launch Microtorpedo Launcher

Unit Structure

The Fighter - The base level of organization.

The Element - Comprising of two fighters. Most senior pilot assumes the role of Lead or Element Leader, while the second operates as the lead's Wingman. Basic patrol flights may be flown by a single element.

The Flight - Consists of two Elements. Flight Leader is assigned to the most senior element leader of the four.

The Squadron - The most basic 'full' unit in space aviation. Fleet squadrons consist of three Flights, each with a flight leader. Marine squadrons consist of four full flights. The Squadron Commanding Officer is the senior-most Flight Leader of the three/four flights.

The Wing - Wings can vary in size, but are roughly between three and five squadrons in strength. A Wing Commander is the senior-most pilot of all squadron commanders, and usually has many years worth of experience in the cockpit. Wing Commanders may head up one of the Squadrons of the wing as a Squadron CO, or he may 'fly a desk' during his tenure. Wings normally consist of multiple squadrons of the same fighter, or multiple squadrons with the same basic role.